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with Ray Wood

September 14-15, 2024

9:30 - 4:00 pm

Location:  Ray & Julita Wood's home

This will be a cone 10 /11 firing in a soda-vapor gas kiln.  

Each participant will be able to have 3 or more bisque fired pieces (depending on number of participants and size
of the pieces).  The clay body MUST be at least cone 10.  We typically use Phoenix clay or porcelain.   If you don’t ever fire to cone 10, get a friend and split a bag of clay. (If more than 10 register, we can open another  firing date.)


Day 1

On the first day, Ray will explain the soda-fire process and you will glaze your pieces.  Glazes are provided.  Then you will wad each piece to prevent it from fusing to the kiln shelves, make the cone packs, and make the pull rings.  And finally the group will load the kiln and brick up the door.  

Day 2

On day 2 you will be able to help monitor the firing.  Ray will explain the aspects of the firing process, e.g. candling, temperature rise,  reduction.  You will see how the firing data is recorded.  He will also talk about the variety of equipment that can be used.  And finally about when cone 8 falls, you will participate in spraying the soda into the kiln.  Then the steady rise until cone 11 tips!  It is quite an amazing experience! 

(Ray Wood  contact:

Member - $60


Non-Member - $100

(Refunds given if your spot is filled or event cancelled.)

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